Keepin’ it Fresh

In anticipation of spring (which can never come fast enough), I thought it might be a good time to air some updates around here.

In the last few months I:

  1. Attended the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference, where I met some really excellent people.
  2. Also attended the ACM (SIGCHI) CHI Play conference, where I again met some really excellent people–and saw some fabulous games and games research.
  3. Saw the publication of my  contribution to the CHI Play conference, “Considering Diversity in Collaborative Video Game Design Work,” in the OFFICIAL ACM DIGITAL LIBRARY. OFFICIALLY.
  4. Dislocated my knee and fractured my kneecap. 😦
  5. Took–and passed–some important exams while on pain medication. (See #4) 🙂
  6. ~Successfully~ completed the first semester of my totally new online course, Academic Success in the Digital University (and started the second, EVEN MORE FRESH, semester).

And now, until summer fun in the sun comes again–

Stay warm, stay dry, and (above all)

stay fresh!


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