Pleased and thank you to be attending GRACLS Conference 2013

I will be presenting a talk very soon (perhaps too soon!) with Clay Templeton at the Graduate Conference in Comparative Literature at the University of Texas at Austin: “What We Read.”



You can READ/SEE/HEAR/PLAY/ATTEND the conference in the Liberal Arts building (CLA) on the UT main campus this October 11-12.

Our talk is (loosely) titled “Automating Ontography” and will be a discussion of the research that we have been working on recently. (Think “agency” and “scientific citation” and maybe “Stanford Parser” and then we’ll go from there.)

I’m actually very excited because many of the presentations/topics sound quite unique. In a good way. (You can see some samples on the Conference page.)

Also,  N. Katherine Hayles is going to be the keynote speaker. Which is pretty boss.