Christopher Kiel “gives awesome testimony to the Senate Committee”

This testimony is in response to the proposed Texas Senate Bill #1 (aka House Bill #2), the infamous “omnibus” abortion “regulation and safety” bill. The testimony was given around 10:45 pm (CDT) on July 8, 2013 in front of the Texas Senate Committee of Health and Human Services.

Although SB1/HB2 was (despicably) passed on a final vote yesterday from the Texas Senate, Christopher’s testimony was one of the many valuable voices of the people that needed to be heard and I’m proud to have had a small hand in it. (I’ll have more to say about my experiences with the public testimony later.)

Many people thanked him in person for his rhetorical points (and for the LOLZ), even several days after giving this testimony. But as he says, it was a much easier testimony to give than many of the stories we heard over the 16 or so hours of the committee. (It helps to be speaking from a position of dominant identity.)

But for now, you can just call him Mr. Southern White Man.

Thanks to Bethany Bannister (@bethanyswrld) for editing this footage and posting it on YouTube.